Fine lines, wrinkles, and other skin imperfections are common, but you don’t have to live with these or other hallmarks of aging. At Paviol Dermatology in Charlotte, North Carolina, the skilled dermatology team offers Botox® and other cosmetic injectables that smooth your skin and take years off your appearance. 

Dysport is a cosmetic injectable similar to Botox®. It’s a neuromodulator made from the botulinum toxin type A. A neuromodulator temporarily relaxes the muscles responsible for facial expressions and laugh, frown, and smile lines. Dysport is a simple treatment that can take years off your appearance to give you a healthy-looking glow

What is Botox?

Botox is a common cosmetic injectable that reduces lines caused by smiling, frowning, laughing, and other facial expressions. Botox, as well as Dysport, are neuromodulators made of botulinum toxin. They relax the facial muscles responsible for many fine lines.
Using expert precision, your Paviol Dermatology provider injects Botox into targeted facial muscles to reduce wrinkling and give patients a healthy, youthful glow.

What are the benefits of Botox?

Among the many benefits you can expect by choosing Botox at Paviol Dermatology are:
  • Tighter, smoother skin
  • Reduced lines and wrinkles
  • Younger-looking appearance
  • Greater self-confidence
  • Highly-effective results
  • Little to no risk of complications
  • No pain, surgery, or downtime
Botox can help you look many years younger without dealing with invasive surgery. The Paviol Dermatology team offers results that are natural and beautiful.

Is Botox right for me?

Your Paviol Dermatology provider examines your skin and reviews your medical history and desired outcome to determine whether you’re a good Botox candidate. They personalize a cosmetic treatment that best matches your needs. You might receive Botox, Dysport, dermal fillers, or a combination of these injectables.

What happens during Botox injections?

During Botox injections at Paviol Dermatology, you rest in a comfortable, reclining chair. Your specialist numbs the treatment area to eliminate the possibility of discomfort. They gently inject Botox into targeted areas of your face, which takes just a few minutes to complete.

After receiving Botox injections at Paviol Dermatology, you can immediately get back to your normal activities. There’s no need for downtime afterward. You might notice some redness, tenderness, or swelling at the injection site, but it shouldn’t last long.

After a day or two, the effects of the Botox will kick in. You’ll experience smoother, tighter skin and a younger-looking appearance. If you’ve also received dermal fillers, you’ll notice those effects immediately.

The effects of Botox usually last 3-4 months. After that, repeated Botox treatments offer you long-lasting anti-aging results.

To learn more about Botox and determine if it’s right for you, call the Paviol Dermatology office or use the online booking feature today.

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