DERMAL fillers




- Creating facial balance
- Replenish lost volume
- Enhance natural features
- Immediate results
- Non-surgical results

During your treatment, you will rest comfortably in a cosmetic chair, listen to great music, work on guided breathing and even relax while one of our providers guides you through the injections that will be placed into the target facial structures. Topical numbing may be used prior to injection based on the area(s) being treated. We strive to do everything we can, from the smallest needles to the acupuncture balls, to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.

After your treatment you may notice redness, tenderness or swelling at the injection sites. We recommend ice to reduce the swelling and no strenuous exercise or manipulation of the sites for 24 hours. Bruising may occur, which can last a few days. A handout will be given to you upon leaving with specific at home post-care instructions.

Results will be immediate and can last up to 6-24 months as your body naturally breaks down hyaluronic acid. Maintenance sessions will be planned with your provider.


Dermal fillers such as Juvederm and Restalyne are made of hyaluronic acid (a normal component of your healthy skin). When done properly by our expert providers, these cosmetic injectables create balance to your face, restore volume loss from genetics and aging, smooth out wrinkles, and add definition. Don't let just anyone inject your face! Our providers have extensive knowledge of the anatomy of the face as well as training in concepts of classic beauty, facial proportions and ratios.


At Paviol Dermatology we are thankful to offer stackable services which can decrease the amount of time you spend here and decrease your budget! An example of stackable services is receiving Botox/Dysport after a facial or combining RF Microneedling and Frax to reduce treatment downtime, but it doesn’t end there.

Stackable services are not limited to just treatments. Our specialized providers will also provide you with product recommendations that enhance results and decrease downtime.

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