Microblading: Your Semi-Permanent Secret to Faking Fuller Eyebrows

Aug 01, 2022
Microblading: Your Semi-Permanent Secret to Faking Fuller Eyebrows
Your eyebrows define your eyes, and they play a big role in overall facial aesthetics, too. Microblading helps you achieve that perfectly arched, natural-looking eyebrow without the hassles of makeup. Here’s how it works.

Thinning hair is a natural part of aging. But while most of us think in terms of the hair on our scalp thinning out, your eyebrows can wind up getting thinner and sparser, too. Since your eyes are often the feature most people notice first, when your brows are thin, it can have a big impact on how you look — to yourself and to others, too.

Fortunately, we have a solution. It’s called microblading, and it uses the same principles as tattooing to fill in those sparse brows and help you retain a more youthful look. But microblading isn’t just for older women and men. Plenty of younger people are flocking to microblading to fill in naturally sparse brows, create a beautiful arch, or simplify their daily makeup routines.

At Paviol Dermatology, our team offers microblading using state-of-the-art techniques for results that are beautiful, natural-looking, and completely customizable. If your brows need a little help, here’s how microblading at our Charlotte, North Carolina, practice can make a difference.

The basics of microblading

Although microblading uses the same basic principles of tattooing, it’s not the same. The technique is slightly different, and the results are semi-permanent, not permanent.

Like tattooing, microblading uses a special, fine needle to deposit pigments below your skin’s surface. Instead of liquid pigments, microblading uses special pigmented powders for softer, hairlike results. In fact, many people refer to microblading as “powder brows.”

It’s true, you can fill in your brows using a brow pencil or other makeup. But brow makeup can smudge or wear off during the day, requiring multiple applications. Plus, each application requires a lot of effort to balance both brows and achieve that natural-looking arch every time.

Your session: What to expect

Microblading involves creating your brows one “hair” at a time, finely etching each individual line for a feathered result that looks like well-groomed brows. We use a special technique designed to achieve a softer, more pixelated effect — more like natural brow hair.

Because it’s entirely customizable, microblading can be a great choice for people who:

  • Have thin or sparse brows
  • Have brows that have been over-tweezed
  • Have brow loss due to natural causes, like alopecia
  • Want to ditch their daily makeup routine
  • Want a natural arch — without the hassle of creating it

We help you select the best shade for your brows, so they blend beautifully. Right after your session, the pigments appear darker, but as they settle into your skin, the color will fade to achieve the tone you're looking for.

Caring for your new brows

Microblading eliminates the hassle of daily brow makeup, and caring for your brows is hassle-free, too. After your session, we provide you with aftercare instructions, along with a kit to help you keep your brows looking their best.

One of the best parts about microblading is that your sessions can be repeated to maintain your beautiful brows. Many people find retreatments every 12-18 months or so work best, but your retreatment schedule will depend on your goals and how long your body retains the pigments. You can also opt for touch-up treatments in between retreatments to fine-tune your results.

Microblading is a simple, effective way to dramatically improve your eye area, not to mention freeing up all that time you spend on brow makeup every day. To learn more about the special techniques we use to create completely customized results, call 704-741-7470 or book an appointment online at Paviol Dermatology today.